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Property-to-Property Movement Reporting

Australian Pork Limited (APL) has contacted all producers registered on the PigPass database letting them know about changes to the PigPass system.
We are asking producers to begin reporting movements of pigs on to their property. This is done online, by loggin in and entering details of the PigPass NVD which arrives with the pigs.

For assistance reporting movements on to your property, please see the factsheet here. Using this reporting tool is currently voluntary, but APL anticipates that States will regulate shortly to make it mandatory.



Please note that ALL version 6 and 7 PigPass books are still valid.  

PigPass is not asking producers to buy new vendor declaration books. This request for new books only applies to the red meat industry.

As both the red meat and pork industries use the same printing company, the demand created by the red meat industry requirement for new NVD books may mean that PigPass book orders can take up to 28 working days to arrive. Please ensure that you allow plenty of time for hardcopy books to arrive, or, alternatively, please use electronic PigPass NVDs (available free of charge).

New Farm Biosecurity Website

You have an important role to play in protecting your property and the entire pork industry from biosecurity threats.
On this site you will find the tools to implement the simple, everyday biosecurity practices to protect the health of your livestock, limit production losses and help maintain market access for Australia‚Äôs pig farmers. Click the logo below to visit the site.



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