To obtain a PigPass NVD you must register on the PigPass database. To register you will need the following information:

1. Property Identification Code (PIC)

A Property Identification Code or PIC is a unique identifier for land used for keeping livestock. PICs are assigned to individual properties by the Department of Primary Industries in your state or territory, or by the Local Land Services in NSW.

To obtain a PIC, please check the reqirements in your state. PICs are always eight characters long, and are made of letters and numbers.

2. Pig Identification (tattoo/brand number)

In all states, pigs over a specified weight or age must be branded before being moved off your property. This includes movements to another property (but only where a change of ownership takes place), to the saleyards and to the abattoirs. The specific requirements vary depending on your state or territory.

You will not be able to register for PigPass unless you have a brand (also called a tattoo or tattoo number) for your pigs.

In Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia your brand number will be issued to you by the relevant state authority (usually the DPI). In NSW, you must register your brand number, which is the last six digits of your PIC, with Local Land Services. 

If you only need to move a small number of pigs - for instance, a pet pig - then please ask your Local Land Services (NSW only) to brand this pig with a crown brand before registering for PigPass. You will need to let us know that this has happened when registering.

If you are in Queensland and own two pigs or less, you won't need to provide a brand number to register.

Once your Registration has been approved (this may take up to two business days), you can download and print an electronic PigPass NVD. This can be completed up to 5 days before pigs are due to be moved, and it is free. Alternatively, you can purchase a PigPass NVD book – a discount is offered to producers who order online. To learn more about how the system works visit the About section.


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